Hearing the word “Footrace” gets my system rev’d up!  Probably because it takes me back to when I was young – and we would have impromptu footraces, “race you to the telephone pole, GO!

The Sheltered Footraces are designed to bring us back to running the same course and getting results, satisfying that competitive desire.  The current social distancing situation requires us to do it a little differently to make sure we are keeping each other safe, and the footrace format will support that as the priority by strictly following the CDC and local guidelines.

As the event organizers – thoughtful, safety-first protocols were the priority.  Elimination of a packet pickup, no safety pins, time-trial starts…run and done.  At Sheltered Events, we are focused on the process and execution, and evaluation of the details along they way.   What we couldn’t help but notice was the carefree enthusiasm of the runners to be back out there racing!

Lets do that again!