The SHELTERED ‘ADD A TIP’ Program is designed to get money directly into the hands of our Partner’s staff and servers.  Tips have always made a difference to those providing us service, and now it matters even more…but the nature of our interactions have changed and tipping can easily be misunderstood or neglected.  Our local business focus and engagement is creating a unique opportunity for those of us that can help to make that difference again.  Remember, many of our partner’s staff are taking risks to be back at work, and likely for a lot less money than before Covid.

Each week (Tuesday am through Monday pm) we will reset the ‘Add A TIP’ to collect funds for that week’s Partner staff members.  This will be a fully transparent process and the money raised will be announced and the staff will be “Tipped”.  We have this fully integrated into our Circles Around the Triangle Challenge and will be launching through additional channels in the very near term.

In the meantime, consider a couple $ from you, makes a big difference to them!