Pop-Up Disc Golf Tournaments
Drive In Theatre


Good question… SHELTERED EVENTS was borne from our current situation, the global pandemic that unexpectedly changed our daily lives.  However, we are committed to making sure it doesn’t change who we are and what we enjoy doing.  In many ways, the adjustments we have made to protect ourselves with this old fashion lifestyle, has helped us focus on what is most important in our lives.  So, to answer the question – we are outdoor enthusiasts that enjoy finding new places and activities to share with others.   We are equal parts of event day dreamers and project managers, allowing us to build custom-made events for unique experiences.

There are a lot of things to consider as we head into the Re-Opening Phases of the Quarantine, with the priority on safety and making smart decisions.  We are dialed into finding those paths back out there – they might not be wide, paved roads with big crowds – but is that what we want?  Maybe/maybe not but until that’s available – we will focus on building events tailored to the “new normal” and turn these challenging times into good times with those we have been sheltering with…aka Sheltered-styled.

That’s who we are, and we look forward to seeing you out there!


By design, our focus of building custom events will always be evolving as we explore ideas, places and partners for our portfolio.  A key ingredient of our approach is identifying popular activities that are aligned with the social guidelines, and then finding unique ways to serve them up to your circles. (that’s our slang for those you are sheltering with)

“That’s all the content for now…we are out focusing on building events but will keep you in the loop.  Please join the Basecamp Newsletter as the best way for us to stay connected.”